Homogenizing Furnaces for Aluminum Billets

sciprotec homogenizing furnaces for aluminum billets automatically adjust the heat treatment processes to the batches. Different homogenization times and temperatures allow the use of different billet alloys and diameters. At the same time, a complete, batch-oriented process data documentation is provided.

By strictly adhering to tight temperature tolerances as well as cooling rates, sciprotec homogenizing furnaces achieve reproducible results in heat treatment. Based on the batch data stored in the master computer, the homogenizing furnace automatically assembles the batch and, if required, moves it in a traversing carriage to a batch storage before being homogenized. The traversing carriages are used to automatically load the furnaces.

The furnaces homogenize the billets with a temperature accuracy of +/- 3°C (37.4°F). After the annealing process, the batches are moved into the high-convection cooling chamber in less than one minute. In this chamber, the billets are cooled down with air. The furnace is designed for a throughput of 120 tons per day.

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