Drop Bottom Furnaces

sciprotec drop bottom furnaces for small aluminum components are specially designed for heat treatment of fastening elements made of aluminum. To ensure the required strength and other properties of these small parts, the heat treatment is subject to small temperature tolerances (< ±2.5°C / 36.5°F) and a short dwell time in the water bath (< 7 sec) depending on the selected aluminum alloy.

The drop bottom furnace makes short transport times from the furnace to the water bath possible. The result is a compact and uniform structure of the heat treatment parts. The modular design of the furnace allows for a cost-efficient adaptation of design and process specifications, and ensures greater production flexibility.

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Drop Bottom Chamber Furnaces

Through a door at the bottom of the furnace, the batch to be treated is lifted from the loading and unloading position into the furnace chamber.

After the solution annealing process, the door is opened and the batch is quenched in a movable water bath directly underneath the furnace. This makes extremely short transport times of the batches from the furnace to the water bath possible. This is very important for small parts, as the cold air plays a particularly significant role during the transport.

These parts can then be age hardened in the same furnace at lower temperatures.

It is possible to install several furnaces next to one another and to run the solution annealing and aging processes in different furnaces.

If required, the furnaces can be equipped with electric or gas heating.

For the control procedures, a low-cost, to a large extent manual control or a fully automated solution with batch storage is available.

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