Industrial Washing Machines

By “fine-tuning” all factors which can be influenced during the cleaning process, sciprotec industrial washing machines achieve optimum cleaning results.

  • washing quality in every detail
  • conspicuous thoroughness
  • stable – even under extreme workload
  • always perfect results

Product images

Designs and Systems:

  •  Chamber Washing Machine with a Universal Chamber

Spraying, dipping, rinsing and blow-drying in one chamber.

  • Multi-Chamber Washing Machine with Separate Areas e.g.:
  1. washing area (spraying, dipping)
  2. rinsing area (spraying, dipping),
  3. preserving area (spraying, dipping)
  4. drying area (drying)

Continuous Line

  • continuous or clocked with a belt, ratchet, roller or chain drive
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