Conveyor Systems

sciprotec conveyor system provides the facilities, systems and equipment – for tasks such as loading, unloading, palletizing, mixing, separating and transporting all kinds of cargo and bulk goods. The solution of an internal transport task is not only the simple moving goods from place to place.
The real estate, in the right quantity, at the right time, right place – meaning internal logistics with economical, efficient systems.

Types of conveyors:

Besides loader, lifting table, fully automatic high rack and much more, we offer the following conveyors:

Belt conveyors for bulk materials and for piece goods.

Belt Conveyors

Motor-driven belt conveyors on sliding surfaces or idlers are used for larger flow rates and long distances. They are used for bulk materials and for piece goods.

Chain conveyor for flat transport surfaces

Chain Conveyors

The chain conveyors are suitable for piece goods that require a flat transport surface. We design and manufacture single lines up to complete systems.

Roller conveyor for small to large heavy unit loads

Roller Conveyors

The conveyors transport small to large heavy unit loads. They can be driven manually or automatically. We create Logistics concepts and process control for you.

What is important?

  • the operating principle, which is determined by the individual transport task
  • minimizing the possible interference
  • optimized interfaces

Why sciprotec?

sciprotec conveyor system includes the planning, design, production and installation of individual handling and conveyor systems. We offer a variety of principles as a solution to your transport needs! We are guided by long experience and innovative thinking and action.

What do we know?

A closer analysis of costs and functional aspects is the right mix of standard and special components are a key to successful problem solving in the conveyor system.
In dialogue with the customer created the solution – economical, efficient, consistent and stable with consistently high availability. How to find a profitable value at comparatively low investment.

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