Aluminium Heat Treatment

sciprotec aluminium annealing furnaces are characterized by a high temperature accuracy and temperature uniformity over the material to be heat treated. This ensures optimum workpiece quality and long-term reproducibility of the results.

Our furnace systems for aluminum are supplied in the following designs:

Homogenizing furnace for aluminium billets and extrusion billets

Homogenizing Furnaces for Aluminum Billets

The bogie hearth furnace for Aluminium round bars and press bolts serves for homogenization. It consists of from a bogie hearth furnace with integrated cooling.

Drop Bottom Furnaces

Drop Bottom Furnaces

The sciprotec overhead furnace system for small aluminium components is special for the heat treatment of fasteners made of aluminium.

Chamber furnace plant for aluminium

Aluminum Annealing Furnaces

The sciprotec chamber furnace system for aluminium is used for universal application for the complete range of the aluminum annealing.

Roller hearth furnace plant for aluminium

Roller Hearth Furnaces

The sciprotec roller hearth furnace system is designed for heat treatment especially large and heavy parts and batches of aluminum the right solution.

sciprotec aluminium annealing furnaces can be used in the following heat treatment processes:

  • recovery annealing
  • stress relief annealing
  • soft annealing (recrystallization annealing)
  • homogenising annealing
  • stabilising annealing
  • age hardening (natural and artificial aging)

Thanks to our wide range of products and years of experience, we can offer you a complete heat treatment system that meets all your requirements. We would be pleased to advise you in a personal meeting and work out a suitable concept for your furnace system together with you.

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Technical data

All technical data of the sciprotec aluminium annealing furnaces at a glance:

Temperature accuracy:up to ±2°C
Heating system:gas, electric
Heating capacity:from 10 to 5000 kW Heizleistung
Throughput:20 to 8000 kg/h
Temperature range:120 °C – 620 °C, depending on the application
Control systems:Siemens S7, PC control system
Insulation:fiber insulation
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