Chamber Furnaces

Chamber furnace systems are designed for intermittent heat treatment. The sciprotec chamber furnaces are ideal for a wide range of applications. They are used in almost all heat treatment processes. Several furnaces can be put together to build complete process lines. A fully automated transport and storage system rounds off the equipment.

Chamber furnace systems
chamber furnaces

The furnaces can be heated with gas or electricity. The possible temperature range of our furnaces is 120°C to 1250°C (248°F to 2282°F). Optionally, our furnaces come equipped with/out gas circulation system. Furnaces with a gas circulation system are fitted with fans ensuring a high circulated gas flow and, hence, rapid and homogeneous heating of the parts. An optionally available gas supply system which contains all required control elements maintains the appropriate furnace atmosphere.

sciprotec also provides drop bottom chamber furnaces. A drop bottom furnace is a special type of chamber furnace (further information available in the Download section). Other types of sciprotec chamber furnaces are, for example, hood-type furnaces and shaft furnaces.

All furnaces can be optionally equipped with our sciprotec TPO visualization software. Upon request, the furnace can be additionally equipped with all devices required to be certified acc. to AMS 2750 D. This includes, for example, all required control equipment as well as the forgery-proof recording of relevant process parameters.

All technical date of the sciprotec chamber furnace at a glance:

Loading:manually or automatically using baskets and supporting grids
Temperature range:120°C to 1250°C (248°F to 2282°F)
Available payload space:up to (L x W x H) 4000 x 4000 x 2000 mm³ (157.48 x 157.48 x 78.74 in³)
Payload:up to 25 t/batch
Heating system:gas-heated, with highly efficient recuperator burners – electrically heated
Circulation:without circulation (radiation heating)
with circulation (conducting muffle, convective heating)
with nozzle array (highly convective heating)
Gas supply system:operation under air
operation under forming gas/nitrogen/argon
other gases upon request
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