Tempering Furnace

sciprotec has been planning and implementing customer-specific tempering furnaces for more than 15 years. The use of standardized solutions ensures a high degree of operational safety.

Tempering Furnace


The application-specific choice of the hot gas circulation ensures optimum temperature distributions in the furnace chamber. All furnaces are equipped with an air circulation or as high convection oven with a nozzle system.

The heating is usually done electrically or with gas burners. If other gases are used, process gases, such as endo gas, can be used to heat the tempering furnaces. Corresponding systems for process gas utilization are integrated by sciprotec into the furnaces on request.

The insulation of the ovens is usually protected by a gas-tight inner steel housing which protects against salt or hardening oil and is thus maintenance-free.

sciprotec supplies batch tempering furnaces as chamber, shaft or hood furnaces. For continuous operation during start-up, sciprotec supplies continuous ovens with ratchet, roller, belt, chain and impact drive.

Many years of experience and many furnaces supplied guarantee high availability and process reliability.

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Technical specifications

All technical data of the sciprotec tempering furnaces at a glance:

Infeed:manual or automatic
Temperature range:120 °C – 750°C
Throughput:50 kg up tp 150 t/day
Heating:gas or electrical heating
Recirculation:– with recirculation (guiding muffles, convective heating)
– with nozzle array (high temperature convective heating)
Gassing equipment:– operates with air
– operates with forming gas / nitrogen / argon
– other gasses on request

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