Special Engineering

Special Engineering is Our Strong Point.
We would be glad to design and build your machine according to your wishes.


Industrial washing machines - Industrial washing plants

Industrial washing plants

The industrial washing systems are available in different designs, e.g. as a single-chamber or multi-chamber washing machine, or continuous flow system. The cleaning process runs stable even under extreme load.

Robots and manipulators - Kiln loading systems

Robots and Manipulators

The kiln loading systems with robots and manipulators allow different plant configurations. The charging systems can be controlled manually and fully automatically.

Prozessgasnutzung - ProGaTherm

ProGaTherm Process gas utilization

Progatherm is an energy saving process developed by sciprotec. The thermal process gas is used in chamber furnaces, shaft furnaces and pusher-type furnaces, roller hearth and belt furnace systems are used.

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