Retrofitting of Industrial Furnaces

In times of increasing energy prices and high cost pressure, we modernize and update your existing installations. To ensure a sustainable modernization, we provide a complete range of services based on our experience in planning and developing new industrial furnaces:

  •  engineering
  •  automation
  •  insulation technology
  •  heating technology
  •  measuring and control technology
  •  data processing and process control engineering
  •  visualization
  •  documentation

Retrofitting of furnace heating

Retrofitting of Industrial Furnaces
Retrofitting of furnace heating

Retrofitting of control system

Retrofitting of control system
New control system furnace heating

Not only do we modernize your control system’s hardware. With the help of our outstanding expertise in the field of furnace development and construction, we also offer comprehensive optimization and modernization of your furnaces.

  •  using the right components to achieve energy savings
  •  adaptation of the temperature accuracy to the current heat treatment specifications
  •  adaptation of the industrial furnaces to the latest safety regulations
  •  optimization of movement sequences
  •  adding a process visualization to upgrade the furnace control system
  •  optimizing process sequences to increase production capacity
  •  using process gases such as endogas when heating the furnaces to use less heating gas
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