Bogie Hearth Furnace

sciprotec bogie hearth furnaces are designed for heat treatment of extremely large components. After the annealing process, the component can be quenched by the air flowing into the furnace. The sound workmanship and use of standard components make for very reliable furnaces. The clever arrangement of recuperator burners, blowers and inlet/outlet openings ensures a precise temperature control and, hence, optimum heat treatment results.

Bogie hearth furnace 950°C
Bogie hearth furnace 950 °C
Bogie hearth furnace 1250°C
Bogie hearth furnace 1250°C


The bogie hearth can bear a load of up to 40,000 kg (88,184.92 lbs) and is loaded outside the furnace. Afterwards, the hearth moves into the furnace housing. As soon as the furnace door is closed, the bottom side of the bogie hearth seals itself automatically against the bottom side of the furnace. After the heat treatment, the bogie hearth is moved through the open furnace door and out of the furnace to be unloaded.

  • Batch Weight: up to 40,000 kg (88184.92 lbs)
  • Furnace Temperature: up to 1300°C (2372°F)
  • Furnace Heating: by state-of-the-art recuperator burners (up to 1,600 kW)


  • quenching function for homogenising austenites (possible cooling rate:1200 K/hour)
  • storage of batch data on a PC
  • evaluation software for preparing batch records
  • storage of 100 different furnace programs

Our experience in transport technology and heat treatment allows us to design a bogie hearth furnace which is well adapted to the customer’s needs.

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