Service and Maintenance

Besides a wide range of industrial furnaces, sciprotec offers an extensive range of services. In particular, this includes the following:

  • maintenance and upkeep for third-party systems
  • extension and retrofitting of existing installations to have a more efficient state-of-the-art heating technology through burner modernization, as well as conversions and repair work
  • modernization of existing switching and control equipment
  • modernization of process control and furnace control system by upgrading the PLC from S5 to S7 and installing a batch tracking software
  • batch-related documentation of the heat treatment processes using the sciprotec TPO software
  • refractory lining
  • uprating of your thermoprocessing equipment
  • equipment relocation

Benefit from our many years of experience gained from the construction of state-of-the-art industrial furnaces and their automation.

Inspecting your machines at regular intervals is the best risk insurance and helps to maintain value in the long term. To this end, sciprotec has developed a variety of maintenance contracts which you can tailor to your requirements and needs with regard to intervals and scope of work. These regular and professional inspections of your machines ensure maximum availability in terms of time without incurring additional costs for personnel, training measures or reference equipment.

You can also sign a maintenance contract for an existing machine. Please contact us.

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