About us

When requiring sophisticated technical solutions for individual heat treatment equipment and material handling equipment, sciprotec is the right partner for you.

Our project planning department develops concepts and solutions for new systems or system extensions which are exactly designed to meet our customers’ requirements.

Both our state-of-the-art engineering tools (CAD, FEM, PLC programming) and our many years of experience allow us to offer you a comprehensive range of highly qualified engineering services.

During production, we ensure that our products provide the quality our customers expect from us.

Our products/ services:

  • materials handling technology for piece goods and bulk materials
  • industrial furnaces for heat treatment of steel and aluminum
  • industrial washing machines
  • special-purpose machines and automation
  • maintenance of equipment
sciprotec Head office

sciprotec – Head office – special engineering worldwide

On January 1, 1996, sciprotec was founded as a mid-sized engineering and sales enterprise with headquarters in Luebeck, Germany.

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